Best Before - A Dsico Fanzine

Welcome to the ultimate disco universe!

"Best before - A Dsico Fanzine" is both:
a critical examination but also a playful homage to disco music and culture.

Our network of designers, illustrators, musicians, and writers has joined forces to rank this publication on top of your wishlist.

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Scroll down and fly through the futuristic past of dance music!

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The zine has been screenprinted by hand and is accompanied by a disco-map inlay. it will be shipped in a polypropylene comic bag.

It's strictly limited to 250 pieces, and has sold out now, sorry! But we'll prepare a pdf version for all latecomers…

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Disco Mixes

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Discjockey Mix Download (mp3)
SoulPhiction (aka Jackmate) ClassicCutz Part I
  1. SoulPhiction - ClassicCutz Part I
  2. Bohannon - Dance
  3. Cameo - It's serious
  4. Martin Circus - Disco Circus
  5. Whatnauts - Almost There
  6. Whatnauts - Hustlin'
  7. Dexter Wansel - Disco Lights
  8. Loleatta Holloway - Hit'n'Run
  9. Roy Ayers - Chicago
  10. Sun Palace - Rude Movements
  11. Strafe - Set It Off
  12. Jungle Wonz - Bird In A Guilded Cage
  13. Lil Louis - The Story continues...
  14. Tortured Soul - I Might Do Something Wrong
  15. Larry Heard - Amnesia
  16. Moodymann - Sweet Lovin'
  17. Theo Parrish - Major Moments Of Instant Insanity
Duration: 0:53:52 / Filesize: 49,3 MB
Konrad Kuhn I did it like i walk my dog
Duration: 1:02:41 / Filesize: 85,5 MB
Manuel Bürger Boom Boom Box
  1. Mark E & Dragon - Good Times (Quiet Village Remix)
  2. Antena - Camino Del Sol (Todd Terje Remix)
  3. Discotheque - Disco Special
  4. Angela - I Gotta Little Love
  5. Kerrier District - 110 BPM
  6. Blackdisco EP - Mars (Nitedog's Lunar Lunch)
  7. Voyage - I Love You Dancer
  8. Leon Haywood - I'm Out To Catch (Club Mix)
  9. David Joseph - You Can't Hide (Larry Levan Instrumental)
  10. KC Flight - Get Jazzy
  11. Aleem - Release Yourself (Dub)
  12. Opal Rush - Capracara
  13. Time Bandits - I'm Only Shooting Love
  14. Blowfly - Feel The Drive
  15. Professor Genius - Pegaso (Excerpt)
  16. Celestial Choir - Stand On The World
Filesize: 77,2 MB
Jonas Natterer DJ Profi Mix
  1. Black Inferno – Black Inferno (1983)
  2. The Immortals - The Ultimate Warlord (1986)
  3. Marzio Dance - You Can Do It Instrumental (1984)
  4. Video Club - Lost Time (1983)
  5. My Mine - Hypnotic Tango (1983)
  6. Starflight - Dance To The Beat (1984)
  7. Baby’s Gang - Happy Song (1983)
  8. Gary Low - You Are A Danger (1982)
  9. Baricentro - Tittle Tattle (1984)
  10. The Match - Boom Boom Boris Instrumental (1985)
  11. Samoa Park - Monkey Latino None Sense Version (1983)
  12. Answering Service - Call Me Mr Telephone Street Mix (1984)
  13. Koto - Visitors (1985)
  14. Lime - Angel Eyes Dub Mix (1983)
  15. Pineapples - Come On Closer (1983)
  16. Big Tony - Can't Get Enough Of You Love Babe (1983)
  17. The Voice - Shift $ (1987)
Duration: 1:02:38 / Filesize: 52,3 MB

Top 69

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Scroll down for a list of our favorite Disco tracks, +1 bonus track.

We sorted them chronologically, determined their most significant elements, analized their tempo (BPM), and guessed the tonal key - all to find musical similarities / differences.

As a conclusion, Tracky made a track with all the average values of the below songs (bpm, key, elements etc.) to create the ultimate Uberdisco track! Mwahaha!

If you find any broken links, please report them to

Average BPM:

  • 116,64

Top featured Elements:

  • 59% Synthesizer
  • 40% Claps
  • 40% Funky Guitar
  • 31% Strings
  • 21% Choir
  • 21% Trumpet/Sax/Horn
  • 19% Octave Shifted Bass
  • 19% Latin Percussion

Top Disco Nations:

  • 51% USA
  • 13% UK
  • 9% Italy
  • 5% Germany
  • 5% France
  • 17% Others

Average Year of Release:

  • 1984

The Disco City:

NY London L.A. Philly Paris Frisco

Average Key:

  • 16% C minor
  • 10% E minor
  • 9% C# minor
  • 9% D minor
  • 56% Others

Lead Vocal:

  • 53% Male
  • 45% Female
  • 2% Chipmunk
You can listen to all songs, just click on the track titles!
Title Artist  Label  Year  Origin  Disco Genre  Description  Lyrics  Significant Elements  BPM  KEY  M/F Lead Vocal 
Theme From Shaft  Isaac Hayes  Stax  1971  ME  Theme Disco  Funky theme soul with average Disco tempo and a sleezy blaxploitation porn atmosphere. Hayes' sound was too soft for the 60s, his success came in the 70s.  "Who's the black private dick that's a sex machine to all the chicks?"  Wahwah-guitar, falsetto choir, Love Boat strings, tambourine  117  Gm 
Soul Makossa  Manu Dibango  Atlantic  1972  PA  Afro Disco  Many consider it the first Disco song. Deep male rap voice and driving Afro-Funk horns & breaks.The complex rhythm requires excellent dancing skills.  "Mamma-So-Mamma-Sa-Mamma-Makko-Sa"  Sax/horn section, funky guitar, 1/16 hihat, cowbell  117  Gm 
Pepper Box   The Peppers  Spark  1973  Uk  Shaggadelic  A great bit of Moog-y madness! Initially a jingle for TV, "Pepper Box" inspired many Disco musicians...  "Ba-ba-badap Ba-ba badda-dah"  Claps, synth, bg choir, clavichord  105  F#  
Love Is The Message (Tom Moulton Mix)  MFSB  Philadelphia Int. Records  1973  Philly  Disco-Step  One of the early "Club"-hits. This simple groove makes you wanna dance. Nice one.   Sax, organ, some strings, groovey drums  115  Cm 
Love, Let Love And Be Loved!   Tony Fox  Blaster  1974  Disco-Soul  Passionate love lyrics suppported by orchestral set up, kitschy sound. Ideal for a roller skate polonaise at Soul Train!  "In the backseat of my car"  Bass w/ octave shifts, horn section, clean guitar, shaker, piano, synth organ, male vocals, female choir  116  D/Em 
Autobahn   Kraftwerk  Philips  1974  DD  Kraftwerk  Important because it marks the beginning of synthesizer music which strongly influenced Disco. Artificial but warm sound, metronomic tempo, repetitive lyrics..   "Die Fahrbahn ist ein graues Band, weisse Streifen, gruener Rand"  Spherical layers of analog synth, monotonic male vocals, vocoder, snare & hihat made from white noise  85 
Let The Drums Speak  Fatback Band  Polydor  1975  NY  Horny Hymn  Horns play a catchy tune; structure rather minimal - appears quite contemporary.  "Let the drums speak"  Horn lead, fat shuffle drums with partly open hihats, congas, raps  107 
I Wouldn´t Change A Thing  Coke Escovedo  Mercury  1976  SF  B-Boy Disco  Hedonistic "Je Ne Regrette Rien" lyrics that encourage the people to waste their time on the dancefloor, warm atmosphere.  "I wouldn´t change a thing, If I had to live my life all over"  Crispy breakbeat drums, clean guitar, saxophone, choir  117  G#m 
Pazuzu (The Original from 1976) Tony Sylvester  Skylax 2007  1976  NY  Explicit Disco  Uhhh Ahhh. This drippy underground Disco tune was probably used in tons of porns. Galloping beat - vulcano style. Harry fucks Sally...  "Uhhhhhhh ahhhhhh ya"  1/16 hihats, 4TTF bassdrum, percussion gallop, strings, female moaning  113  Cm 
I Was Born This Way  Carl Bean  Motown  1977  LA  Gay Disco  Exaggeratedly orchestrated Phillysoul sound with gaypride lyrics. Disco as a cultural liberation! I'm OK, you're OK...  "I'm walking through life in nature's disguise" - "I´m happy, I´m carefree and I´m gay"  Galloping hihat, bass w/ octave shifts, harp, piano, strings, some wah-guitar, male vocals, female backup  118  C/G# 
Yes Sir, I Can Boogie  Baccara  RCA  1977  Spain  Housewife Disco  This song is the perfect example for all Housewife Disco songs in the 70s. Flat iron sytle. Think of ABBA, Boney M...  "I'm a sensation you try me once you'll beg for more"  Cheesy strings, clavichord, xylophone highlights, open hihat  121 
I Feel Love  Donna Summer  Casablanca Records  1977  MU  Electronic Disco  Introducing Quaaludes, the disco drug: futuristic, ecstastic, glamorous, electronic Disco... Considered a milestone by synth-pioneer Giorgio Moroder.   "Ooh I feel love, I feel love"  Arpeggio synth, drum machine, long drawn-out female vocals  130  C/m 
It's Good For The Soul (W.Gibbons Madness Mix)  Salsoul Orchestra  Salsoul Records  1978  NY  Tribal Disco  Sounds like the crazy ritual of some aboriginal Disco tribe. The flutes could be the herold of frenzy. They could also be balsam - for your soul.   "It's - good - for - the - soul -- I - love - you!"  Claps, latin percussion, galloping hihats, flutes, chanting  124  Dm 
Game Rick Van der Linden  Spiegelei  1978  Haarlem, NL  Euro Synth Disco  Novelty slow Euro Disco! Incredibly funky and visionary. Produced solely on a Yamaha GX-1 synthesizer.  104 
Miss You  Rolling Stones  EMI  1978  LO  Disco-Rock  Nice example how Disco influenced Rock, even though the two genres were always conflictive. Initially this song was faster, but then recorded with slower tempo (probably not to sound too Disco..)  "I've been holding out so long, I've been sleeping all alone, Lord I miss you"  Straight drums, party open hihat, Disco bass w/ octave shifts, contained guitar, organ, harmonica, catchy chorus  110  Am/Dm 
Ring My Bell  Anita Ward  T.K. Disco  1979  ME  Disco-Soul  Catchy sing hook that makes this song an all-time Robinson Club anthem. Turn on the lighting console!  "Well lay back and relax while I put away the dishes. Then you and me can rock a bell"  Straight drums, infamous Disco Toms, claps, slap bass with octave shifts, funky guitar, choir  126  Cm 
Lady Bug  Bumblebee Unlimited  RCA  1979  NY  Chipmunk Disco  Cute chipmunk voices over a funky groove, a Larry Levan Classic with great piano chords. Novel production aesthetics; sober and tightly arranged.  "Love you and kiss you and kiss you and hug you"  Straight beat, latin percussion, piano, funky bass with octave shifts, pitched-up sound  119  Bbm 
Good Times  Chic  Atlantic  1979  NY  Disco Disco  Probably the most famous bassline ever; Sugarhill Gang just appropriated the instrumental - "Good Times" helped to boot up Hip Hop.  "Must put an end to this stress and strife, I think I want to live the sporting life"  Funky bass, epic Disco-guitar, piano, strings, staccato choir  113  Em/A 
Ain't No Stoppin Us Now  Risco Connection  Black Rose Music  1979  After Hour Disco  This Loft classic is a great after-hour tune due to its reggae/dub elements. The original by McFadden & Whitehead is supposed to be a gay pride anthem.  "Don't you let nothing, nothing. Nothing stand in your way"  Reggae drums (rimshot-snare), filtered synth pads, warm bassline, wah-guitar w/ reverb  113  G#m 
Greatest Dancer  Sister Sledge  Atlantic  1979  NY  D-I-S-C-O  Mainstream hit with glamourus "King of the Discotheque" as motif. Similar feeling as Saturday Night Fever songs because it glorifies Disco stardom.  "The champion of dance his moves will put you in a trance"  Funky guitar, 1/16 hihat, detuned organ, strings w/ vibrato  116  Cm 
NO G.D.M. Gina X  Emi  1979  CO  Disco-Wave  Slow Disco groove, also considered gay anthem. Futuristic synth sound makes it "wavy".  "That's life - one dive."  Synth bass, FX & pads, vocoder, non-melodical "Wave" style singing, cowbell  110  Cm 
Don't stop 'Til You Get Enough Michael Jackson  Epic  1979  LA  Glitter Disco  Glitter & glamour feeling! Michael Jackson appears multiplied in both music video and song (main and bg vocals).  "Just love me 'til you don't know how - ooh"  Exotic percussion, claps, shaker, glamourus strings, falsetto doubled, horns, organ, clean guitar  119  Am/Bm 
Dancer  Gino Soccio  WEA  1979  Canada  Euro-ish Disco  This repetitive groove builds up trance, out of space feeling thanks to delay effects. Very catchy indeed.  "Dancer Dancer Dancer  - got to take it higher." Claps, synth & slap bass w/ octave shifts, funk guitar, piano, Wavy choir  122  Em 
Give Me Your Love  Sylvia Striplin  Uno Melodic Records  1980  NY  Roller Disco  Typical hand-in-hand Roller Disco groove; delivers a warm and soulful atmosphere (soft voice).  "Do you want me?"  Funky drum accents, claps, warm bass w/ octave shifts, clavichord, female vocals & choir  110  G# M 
Bostich  Yello  Do It Records  1980  Zürich, CH  Dark Disco  Classic Disco elements translated into the artificial aesthetics of synth and drum machine music (Electro).  "Standing at the machine every day for all my life"  Real drums / percussion, minimal synth bass & strings, monotonous rap  121  Dm 
Is It All Over My Face  Loose Joints  West End  1980  NY  West End Disco  Reduce to the Max! Legendary "laid back but ultra danceable" Disco classic with nice organ and catchy bassline.  "I'm in love - dancing!"  Bright organ, bass w/ octave shifts, clean guitar, catchy female vocals, congas  121  Bm  M/F 
Fantastic Voyage  Lakeside  RCA  1980  LA  Disco-Funk  Proto P-Funk with cranky bassline and Disco-raps. Venice Beach hit! Catchy hook and cheesy 80s r&b background vocals. Coolio made a cover version.  "Hurry up pack your bags and jam y'all, come on and ride on the funk now"  Synth & slap bass, Disco guitar, claps, lead vocals & falsetto male choir  116  Em 
Margherita (Hot Edit)  Margueritas  BMG  1980  Italy  Mariachi Disco  Simple azzurro meldoy and full pumping beats. Warning: very catchy! Sangria style.   Synth bass & lead, Mexican style trumpets, artificial claps  116  Gm 
Ma Quale Idea  Pino D'Angio  Bellaphone  1980  Italy  Macho Disco  Italian mainstream Disco, a beautiful cliché. Pino D'Angio used to perform it with a lit cigarette in his hand.  "Balla!"  Disco guitar, funky bass, piano, claps,  Disco tom, raps & falsetto mail choir 115  G#m 
Shack Up  A Certain Ratio  Factory  1981  MA  No Wave  Bringing dance music to Manchester. "Shack Up" manages to be one of Punk's funkiest ever dancefloor material.  "Shack Up!"  Disco guitar, funky bassline, Wavey vocals, trumpets  123  Em 
She Can't Love You  Chemise  Emergency Records  1981  LA  Cutie Disco  One of the sweetest adventures of Discomusic. Plastic 80s sound - yet warm. Light and sterile - less organic.  "She can't love you like I could"  Synth bass, open hihat, synth vibes & pizzicato strings, female vocals  114  Bm 
Get A Little  Patrick Cowley  Unidisc  1981  SF  Hi-NRG  An underground Frisco Disco track, almost Hi-NRG, with overriding female lead vocal - only for club use.  "I wanna show you what I got for you!"  Disco beat, synth bass w/ octave shifts, female choir, cowbell, shaker  120  Em 
Genius Of Love Tom Tom Club  Island Records  1981  Carib. Island  Island Disco  Naive summer sound, reminds you of that girl you had icecream with in 5th grade.  "Whatcha gonna do when you get outta jail? I'm gonna have some fun."  Slow beat, Disco guitar, signature synth lead, dub effects, childish female raps & singing  103 
First True Love Affair  Jimmy Ross  BCM Records  1981  NY  Peaktime Disco  Dancefloor puller: This one is strictly for the ladys - romantic lyrics, sing-long hook. 2 years too late?  "I never let you go!"  Synth / real bass, claps, funky guitar, male choir, lead synth  118  F/Am 
I.O.U Freeez  Arthur Baker  1982  Uk / Usa  BMX Disco  Preset-Party! Music for BMX kids. One of the greatest hits at Funhouse (NY).  "That's how I feel, I want it to be real"  Synth bass, drum machine & claps, female vocals, bells  119  Dm 
Heavy Vibes Montana Sextett  Unidisc  1982  PH  Disco Fox  The warm groove & jazzy instruments make this one an excellent home-listening Disco track. Catchy vibraphone replaces lead vocals.   Latin percussion, claps, simple bass, warm organ, vibes  114  Cm/G# 
Unlimited Capacity For Love Grace Jones  UMG Recordings  1982  NY  Fridge  Warmness meets coolness - an out of space experience. Industrial & Wave assosiation  "This could turn out another unwinning war"  Synth (arpeggio / strings), female voice, chorus guitar, synth solo  115  Am 
Forget Me Nots Patrice Rushen  Elektra  1982  LA  Will Smisco  70s meet 80s! Disco out of the construction kit. Great Saxophone peak...  "Was it the simple things that made me so crazy about you?"  Slap bass, bright strings, double-claps, sax, e-piano, female choir  115  F#m 
Rock the Casbah The Clash  Epic  1982  LO  Leftfield Disco  Did Punk only survive by Disco? To illustrate this assumption this track is just perfect.  "By order of the prophet - we ban that boogie sound."    Honkeytonk piano, distorted guitar, bongos, double-claps, rock voice  128  Dm 
A Debris of a Murder Throbbing Gristle  Power Focus  1982  LO  Darkroom Dub  Slow, drugged and dubbed out minimalistic Disco.  102  Atonal 
The Dark Side Of The Spoon (Original Mix) Alexander Robotnick  Creme Org.  1982  Firenze, Italy  Prototype House  Ultra deep & synthetic Disco House - way ahead of it's time...  Synth only, double-claps, arpeggiator, sound layers, 4TTF bd  128  C#m / G#m 
Money's Too Tight To Mention Valentine Brothers  Bridge Records  1982  Electronic Disco-Soul  Slow modern Electro-Soul track, good for ü30 Parties. Vocals remind of Bobby Womack.  "My rent is due, my kids all need brand new shoes..."  Cheesy synth bassline, sax, piano, double-claps, male vocals  109  Bm 
Voice Of Q "Q"  Philly World  1982  Cold War Disco  Who is Q? A crooked computer oracle? This is not happy nor melancholic, a state of isolation and wrong ideas of human/machine interaction.  "Feel the gravity - move to another reality"  Slap Bass, double-clap, spooky pads, synth-flute, vocoder voice  116  Cm/G# 
Burning Up (12" Version) Madonna  Sire  1983  NY  Steroid Disco  Turbofast workout pop to flex a muscle! Without a doubt Madonna's best Disco track...  "You're always closing your door, well, that only makes me want you more."  Double-claps, synth bass, drum machine, e-guitar riffs, female vocals  139  Bbm 
Save Our Love (instr.) Escape From New York  Profile  1983  Vernissage Disco  Imagine a high society party in the 80s with sparkling surroundings...  Slow simple drums, funky bassline, synth pads & layers, claps, echo FX  106  Fm 
Another Man Barbara Mason  West End  1983  PH  Slow Disco  Slow Paradise Garage hit with lament rap about misbehaving men. Perfect for your car radio.  "Another man is beating my time"  Synth layers & bass, 1/16 hihat, artificial cowbell, female talking  113  Em 
Chicago  Roy Ayers  Uno Melodic Records  1983  NY  Deep Disco   Ron Ayers's "Chicago" is a minimal, deep jazzfunk groove with simple & repititious lyrics. Early Deep House?! "Chicago Chicago - Uuh"  Slap bass, steady strings, bright organ, funk guitar, double-claps, singing/talking  115  Fm/Em 
Lucky Ellie Hope  RFC  1983  Secretary Disco  Secretaries listen to this while getting dressed in the mornings. Style: No calories. Cola Light (Diet Coke)  "L. U. C. K. Y. - let me tell you why"   Simple beat, cowbell, light synth pads & melodies, female voice  116  Bbm 
Plastic Doll Dharma  ZYX  1983  Italy  Italo Disco I  Is it a real doll? Worst vocals ever - Italo Disco at it's best. The "remixed instrumental" version might please you better.   "Am I crazy or just lazy. What is for me true reality?"  Open HiHats, female vocals, claps, synth bassline & melodies  120  Bm 
Let No Man Put Asunder First Choice  Salsoul Records  1983  PH  Prototype Vocal House  This one became a prototype Vocal House track with female vocals and stomping beats.  „It’s not over don’t want to be free“  Female vocals / choir, strings, congas & bongos, claps & snaps  119  C#m 
Woodpeckers From Space  Video Kids  Polydor  1984  NL  Woodpecker Disco  Woody visited the earthlings and brought his Casio keyboard. Cheesy & charming.  "Listen everybody to the woodpecker Boogie - come on let's have some fun."  Synth bass & lead, sample triggering, male voice / female choir  113  Am 
I Want To Thank You  Alicia Myers  MCA  1984  Detroit  Religious / Other  A modern Soul track in Disco disguise with Gospel lyrics.  "I wanna thank you heavenly father"  Piano, 4TTF bassdrum, female vocals, warm bass  107  Am 
Primavera - Stop Bajon  Tullio de Piscopo  ZYX  1984  Naples, Italy  Balearic  This dude raps Italian dialect over an organic jazzfunk groove. Italian but not Italo. Baleraric style.  "Primavera!"  Organ, rap, minimal bass, trumpet, vibes, distorted guitar  108  Bbm 
Land Of Hunger  The Earons  Island Records   1984  "Earon Earth"  Dubby Dub Disco  World-weariness translated into Disco. Strange mix of Wave and Dub elements. Lead vocals sound like Sting.  „...the land of plenty...“   Echo claps, drum machine, male vocals & choir, cowbell gallop  111  C#m 
Stars  Mr. Fingers  Gherkin  1987  CH  Disco House / Chicago  Dreamy Disco by Chicago House Veteran Larry Heard.  Arpeggiator, drum machine, lead synth, bass w/ octave shifts  118  C#m 
Boys (Summertime Love)  Sabrina Salerno  Teldec  1987  Italy  Italo Disco II  1987's cheapo summer hit. Crappy lyrics, 80s Euro Pop sound. To be honest we just selected this song because of its music video...  "Take a chance with love romance have some fun tonight!"  Synths: bass, fanfare, guitar; female vocals, male voice (triggers)  119  Fm 
NYC Smile On Me  Aqua Regia  Irdial  1989  NY  Acid Disco  Minimalisitic ecstatic Acid Disco with vibes, strings and moaning...  "Oh Please, Please, Oh God! Goddamnit ... 24 Hours a Day..."  808, strings, vibes, 303, moaning  130  Atonal 
These Sounds Fall Into My Mind  Bucketheads UMM  1995  NY  House  Kenny "Dope" Gonzalez sampled Chicago's "Streetplayer" to make one of the biggest 90s-House hits.  "These Sounds fall into my maiaiaind"  Funky bass, latin percussion, 4TTF bass drum, trumpets, double-claps, male vocals  125  Dm 
Street Boys  DMX Krew  Rephlex  1999  LO  Euro Wave Freestyle Disco  A Disco pearl with strong british influence (Wave). Down Down Underground...  "Street Boys, got to struggle so hard."  Drum machine, open hihat, cheesy vocals, arpeggio bass, vocoder  128  C#m 
From Disco To Disco  Les Rythmes Digitales  Wall Of Sound  1999  PA  Digital Disco  The better "From Disco to Disco"!? Very digital and funky. Strong relation to French House.  "From Disco to Disco. WaAaAaAah!"  Cowbell, claps, open hihat, lead synth & staccato chords, male hook  125  C#m 
The Republic  Legowelt  Bunker  2000  Den Haag  Den Haag Disco  Dirty dutch cocaine sound - an example for the new breed of Dark Electro influenced Disco from Holland (Bunker/Creme/Clone).  Catchy synth bassline, cheesy synth lead, 1/16 drum machine  128  Bbm 
Jaguar (Dance Of The Cat) DJ Rolando aka Aztec Mystic  430 West  2000  DE  Trance - House  Killer Trance House anthem transporting Disco's ecstasy and glamour into a Detroit Techno context. Made for the hood. Fast!  909, latin percussion, open hihat, arpeggiator, claps, strings  137  Dm 
24K (Super EP)   Morgan Geist Environ  2001  NY  New Disco  Significant starting point of the NY "New Disco" fad. Mood: For Clubs with carpets on the dancefloor.  Cheesy synth & warm e-piano chords, disco bass, strings, zaps  124  Cm 
Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger  Daft Punk  Virgin  2001  PA  Synth-Pop  Retro-fetish by French House pioneers Daft Punk. The funky midtempo dance track mostly consists of a sample from "Cola Bottle Baby". Kanye West then sampled Daft Punk...  "Work it harder make it better, Do it faster makes us stronger"  Ride cymbal, vocoder, claps, synth  123  F#m 
You're So Gangsta  Chromeo  FAB / V2  2002  NY  Retro Hipster Disco  Bring back the 80s. Simple and repetitive track with great lyrics.   "you're so gang- gang- gang- gang -gang -gang -gang -gang -gangster"  Cheesy synth, female hook (triggering), bongos, sax solo  110  Fm/D# 
Tunnel Music  Zongamin  XL Rec.  2002  LO  New New Disco  If Tom Tom Club would have made a Disco song in 2002 it would sound like this. Curious housy middle part.  Staccato synth lead, funky slide bass, claps, funky guitar, Disco tom  120  Cm 
Superflight (Maurice Fulton Remix) Chateau Flight  Versatile  2005  Sheffld  New New New Disco  Excellent crispy beats and ecstatic xylophone. Mirror ball reflections in an empty club.  Slap bass, vibes, claps, synth layers & melodies, funky guitar  114 
Porridge Forage  Jasper  Audio Aubergine  2007  Nerdstep  Geeky Disco with Lofi / Funk elements.  Vowel-synth lead, portamento bass, FM melodies & chords, lofi drums  117  Em 
Shadows Hercules & Love Affair  DFA  2008  NY  New New New Old New Disco  Hercules & Love Affair seem to give Disco yet another new spin: top-notch producing skills vs. fragility.  "My heart should be a save harbour - all comfort to you"  Trumpet, female vocals, bass w/ octave shifts, piano, latin percussion  117  Cm 
Happy Joy The Discoghosts  UpitUp Records  2008  Yakamoz  Sluggish  Slow Disco spoof with catchy lyrics - ladies love it.   "It's a happy happy joy time would you please be my Fräulein"  Disco guitar, slow beat, disco tom, latin percussion, warm keybpard chords, kiddy & low-pitch rap  103  Cm 

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